WAM.app Game: Game Review

WAM.app Game: Game Review

Remy Sharp
Play-To-Earn Games News, P2E Games News | 16 Feb 2023 21:15 UTC

Hypercasual games have been around for ages, and many of us are surely familiar with their inception. Yes, flash games on the open web in the 90s had crappy graphics but were fun and addicting as hell. Today, we bring you WAM.app, a blockchain gaming platform that offers hyper-casual, fun games. So, all you need to do is get hold of any device, whether a mobile or a laptop or desktop, and head to their website or download from the Play Store or App Store, and play to earn. WAM.app is a social play-to-earn gaming platform where players can earn crypto by competing in and winning skill-based tournaments. The games are free to play, fun, and easy to learn, and you can play them on the go. The Network offers a lot to players, creators, and developers via its NFT tournaments, marketplace, creator tools, and developer programs. So, compete in tournaments and win $WAM and NFTs.

What Does WAM Offer?

WAM is a social gaming platform where players compete in tournaments, win cryptos and NFTs, and have fun with their friends and families in hypercasual games. The WAM ecosystem includes opportunities to play to earn, play to own, develop to earn, and promote to earn. Besides, each player has their own social profile on WAM along with a customizable avatar. The social side of WAM will let you promote your profile, find friends, make new friends, and grow your profile by competing in and winning tournaments in the game you love to play. Moreover, the platform also provides a chat platform with your friends, so there is no need to leave the app.

Play to Earn in WAM

The idea is simple and easy to execute when it comes to playing and earning in WAM. Choose and practice a game at which you are good and compete in tournaments. You can play in public or private tournaments. However, each tournament has an entrance fee with a duration of 12 hours to 120 hours. So, players will have ample time to advance on the leaderboard and win the tournament. Each tournament has a different entrance fee and reward pool in $WAM.

The game and its way of giving rewards are also clear, since the reward table for each tournament can be seen before it starts. In the end, the winners get their prizes, and the WAM coins are put into their wallets. So, you need to practice and sharpen your skills to end up as the winner.

Hypercasual social blockchain game WAM.app: Play-and-Earn as well as Play-and-Own
WAM - Wam.app

Wam.app Tournaments

Tournaments are classified into four types: amateur, semi-pro, professional, and legend. As the going gets tough, the stakes get high. Players make natural progression by winning easier levels first and making their profiles stronger. Moreover, WAM also introduces NFT tournaments, where only players with special NFTs will participate.

Own to Earn in WAM.app

WAM is a one-of-a-kind platform that allows players or users to earn passive income. It is possible by either purchasing a game or developing a game on the platform. Moreover, players can also earn NFTs by winning certain tournaments. The winning profit is generated by the entry fees paid by the players.

Market to Earn

If you know how to market, WAM.app offers you the chance to earn money by organizing games and tournaments. It is between the game owner and the marketer; the winning percentage depends on the game owner’s income.

Develop to Earn on WAM

Game developers can earn money by building and selling their games on the platform’s marketplace. Furthermore, developers will be paid a commission or royalty based on a percentage of the prize pool of tournaments held on the said game. 

Hypercasual social blockchain game WAM.app: Play-and-Earn as well as Play-and-Own
WAM 2022 holidays offering - Wam.app

WAM Creator Tools and Developer Program

Players can make their own tournaments and tell their friends and the rest of the WAM community about them. As a tournament host, a player adds value to the platform and, in return, receives WAM coins. Players will also be able to make their own hypercasual games with the help of an AI system that WAM will give them. So, players can create their own games and manage tournaments there.

As for the developer program, WAM plans to invite third-party developers to publish games on its platform. The more tournaments a third-party developer holds, the more revenue they can generate from their game. As a result of competing with other casual game developers, WAM hopes to propel its platform to new heights and become the global leader in hypercasual games. 

WAM is an important part of making crypto and NFT games available to the public. Check out more news on play and earn games on our website. Do check out the Medieval Empire Ertugrul game review, if you haven’t already. And lastly, head over to our YouTube Game Channel to check out our play-to-earn game video reviews. Do you love The Smurfs, The Sandbox does, smurf it!


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