Gala Games & C2 Ventures

Gala Games & C2 Ventures

Remy Sharp
Play To Earn Games | 14 Dec 2021 19:38 UTC

Gala Games and C2 Ventures Launch $100 M Funds for Blockchain game projects.

Gala Games has made tremendous efforts and progress when it comes to blockchain technology and blockchain gaming. Yesterday, Gala Games has joined hands with C2 ventures to launch a $100 million fund dedicated to blockchain games.

Gala Games & C2 Ventures Launch $100 M Blockchain Fund
Gala Games & C2 Ventures Launch $100 M Blockchain Fund

This new deal represents a big partnership between two formidable forces in the domain; Gala Games and Ciara Sun. Gala Games is a blockchain-based game company owned by Zynga’s co-founder Eric Shiermeyer. While Ciara Sun is the former blockchain investments head for Huobi.

The news comes out after GG’ Galaverse where Gala Games announced game deals with Peter Molyneux, Will Wright, AMC, Ember Games, and Certain Affinity.

The joint fund between GG and C2 Ventures will invest in emerging projects related to blockchain technology especially, metaverse, GameFi, P2E, and more.

Besides the funding, the studios and projects will also receive directions on pre-sale strategies, NFTs, token designs, in-game economies, community engagement, marketing, P2E game economies, and more.

“While at Huobi, I learned the ins and outs of working with emerging projects and bringing new, innovative projects to market,” said Sun, in a statement released to media.

“With GGs by our side as a trusted collaborator, we look forward to finding and nurturing the next great blockchain gaming projects and helping them build worldwide communities.”

Gala-Games has chosen Huobi Global as its Preferred Exchange Partner. Huobi Global will also guide GG on its projects about marketing, Web 3, community building, and work to streamline future token listings.

GG and C2 Ventures have gone all-in when it comes to cryptocurrency and blockchain-based games.

Gala Games & C2 Ventures Launch $100 M Blockchain Fund
Gala-Games & C2 Ventures Launch $100 M Blockchain Fund

Newzoo has predicted that global game revenues will surpass $200 billion in 2024. This report has persuaded companies to go for blockchain-based games which will propel the gaming industry business in years to come.

Gala-Games is a promising name in NFT and blockchain games, recently it launched its Mirandus VOX collection NFT.

Users, players, NFT enthusiasts bought out the collection immediately as VOX NFTs are with P2E utility across all titles of Gala Games.


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